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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

Thanks & Acknowledgements

Where do I begin? Well, first of all thanks must go to all those who have supported the Nomad-Online website since its inception, and who have shelled out for the book. Without your feedback and encouragement I wouldn’t have bothered to develop such an ambitious site. Also to those formative influences who first inspired me to embark on this all consuming passion, notably Kerry Miller and Mike Floate.

In particular, I am grateful to those individuals who supplied me with valuable information and photographs in order to help me get this venture off the ground: Daniel Braddock, Paul Claydon, Geoff Combes, Russell Cox, Mike Curtis (www.banburymike.net), Nigel Hammond (www.fossefootball.co.uk), Matt Harris, Graeme Holmes, Paul Kirkwood, Peter Leavis, Alan Lee, Nick Mattlock, Colin Peel, Kevin Porter, Richard Savory, Jonathan Smith, Mike Spooner, Vince Taylor, and Gavin Tutcher.

Also included amongst the above are a large number of un-named club officials who responded to phone calls, furnished me with programmes, and who welcomed me when I turned up unannounced at their respective clubs. Equally, to those editors of websites and programmes that I have used as sources for historical detail. I can’t name you all here but I, more than anyone, know how much hard work goes into what is often a labour of love. One individual who stands out however, is Richard Rundle, whose ‘Football Club History Database’ (see below) is nothing less than astonishing!

In the future there will hopefully be more deserving of my gratitude, and therefore I thank you all in advance. Sincere apologies to anyone I may have forgotten.

I supose I ought to mention wife Carina and son Jonathan, who have shown remarkable self-control. Not only have they had to put up with me disappearing into the study most evenings, but also numerous detours on supposed ‘family outings’ (thirteen grounds in five days during a ‘family holiday’ to Cornwall for example - I gave Carina a day off on our wedding anniversary though!)

As stated above, I have used a number of disparate sources. However, the following have proved especially useful ...

Paul Claydon & Vince Taylor (Eds)
Groundtastic Magazine, various editions (Groundtastic publications)
Available by mail order from www.groundtastic.ukgateway.net

Paul Claydon & Vince Taylor
Way Out West - Guide to the Grounds of the Jewson South Western League (Groundtastic publications)

Mike Floate
The Non League Football Grounds of Kent (Newlands Printing Services)

Simon Inglis
Sightlines: A Stadium Odyssey (Yellow Jersey Press)

Simon Inglis
The Football Grounds of Great Britain (2nd Ed) (Collins Willow)

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The Non League Football Grounds of Dorset (Newlands Printing Services)

Peter Miles
Homes of Non League Football (Tempus Publishing Ltd)

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The Non League Football Grounds of Hertfordshire (Newlands Printing Services)

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