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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks


The first ‘Nomad’ column appeared in the Langney Sports matchday programme in August 1996 and has been a regular feature ever since. The initial idea was that ‘Nomad’ (n. ‘a wanderer’) would comment on the Sports’ trips away from home. For the record, the very first ground visited was Ringmer. Subsequent columns focused on all manner of things connected to the Sussex County League, although visits to opposing grounds have remained a prevelant feature

The Nomad-Online website was launched in 2001, initially as an inexpensive means of making a selection of columns from the preceding years available to a wider audience. The site also featured a comprehensive ‘Directory’ of every Non League club in Sussex, including all three divisions of the County League.

Since then, all 62 clubs have been re-visited and the photographs greatly improved; with commentaries and club histories added. The Directory is also gradually being expanded to include more clubs at Intermediate level. There is also a lively members’ forum from which you can find out just about everything you ever wished to know about Non League football in Sussex (and much that you didn’t). The forum led to the birth of Nomad-Online FC in 2005 and so far we have played three friendly fund-raising matches: most recently a hard fought 9-2 defeat at the hands of a star-studded Crawley Town Legends side to launch the Devils’ Trust.

November 2003 saw the publication of the book ‘The Non League Football Grounds of Sussex’, based on the original Nomad-Online website.

The elevation of Langney Sports (now Eastbourne Borough) brought with it the opportunity to travel further afield in search for new grounds to visit; and the gradual accumulation of photographs from outside of Sussex has brought with it the need for Nomad-Online to have a little brother (or sister - it’s pretty asexual really)... hence the birth of Pyramid Passion.


Pictured next to my ‘alter-ego’ at Priory Lane with a copy of the book

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Sorry, I’ve sold out of all my copies, but you can still purchase copies via publisher Mike Floate’s excellent “Grounds Frenzy” website at: www.mikefloate.clara.co.uk