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Non League Football Under The Microscope

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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks


Signs are obviously important to Non League clubs, and the smaller the club the greater the need for a sign or notice of some description.

Bigger clubs, including those at the top of the Non League Pyramid are usually failrly well represented in the local media, although less so if there happens to be a Premiership or Football League club nearby. Regular supporters will usually know what’s going on but first time visitors and travelling fans may be unsure of whether a game is taking place, or even where the ground is. Whilst one can always look for the floodlights, there are still many clubs that don’t possess them.

Equally, where clubs play on municipal recreation grounds and playing fields, it may be impossible to detect the presence of a football club, particularly outside of the football season, or if the ground is shared with the local cricket club. At such venues, one frequently encounters notices and signs placed by the local authorities which can be unintentionally amusing..

This section therefore is devoted to the range of signage and notices to be encountered at Non League grounds. Those of you sad enough to wonder about such things, may detect some cross-over with the ‘Entrances’ section elsewhere on the site ...

Littlehampton Town FC
Some confusion about the Marigolds’ next fixture at The Sportsfield (click to enlarge)

Easington Sports FC
Why splash out on expensive signage when you can do it yourself? (click to enlarge)


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