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Non League Football Under The Microscope

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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

Peri-Match Activity

This section is devoted to what goes on around the match itself. For most spectators there are many activites to be engaged in before kick-off and during the half-time interval. A large proportion will purchase a programme and possibly a raffle and/or ‘golden goal’ ticket. Then there are the team changes to take note of. At most Non League grounds these will be posted somewhere - usually on a white or chalk board, or maybe on a piece of paper pinned on a wall.

During the half-time interval supporters tend to browse through their programme, visit the loo, go to the bar, or visit the snack bar for a cup of tea and a burger. One of the joys of Non League football is that it is actually possible to do all of these things. And if you’re really lucky, you may get a hot drink in a proper mug!

Lewes FC
Essential accompanyments to any half-time feast (click to enlarge)


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Franklands Village FC
I arrived at half-time only to find that the board displaying the respective team line-ups had been requisitioned for another purpose! (click to enlarge)