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Non League Football Under The Microscope

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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks


Iíve been grateful on several occasions for the lack of security at many Non League grounds, and the fact that a large number of clubs lower down the Pyramid play on local recreation grounds. Of course, all Iím after is a few photographs but sadly there are certain undesirable elements of the community who are intent on leaving their mark in another way.

This section is cetainly not intended to glorify acts of wanton vandalism, but to draw attention to the problems that certain clubs face on a regular basis. In addition to problems of grafitti and open access, the fabric of any football ground - particularly those that are a little long in the tooth - requires regular upkeep ... and money spent on it.

Iím fortunate to follow a well-supported Non League club that isnít short of willing volunteers to maintain its relatively modern ground. However, for clubs surviving on small attendances - often less than three figures - it is invariably left to a very small number of individuals to undertake all the maintenance single-handed, despite fighting a losing battle most of the time.

Nevertheless, they continue to work tirelessly on behalf of Ďtheirí club against all the odds and deserve praise not derision.

Hythe Town FC
I suppose everybody is entitled to an opinion! (click to enlarge)



Seaford FC
Why watch the match at the Crouch when you can spend 90 minutes reading the grafitti! (click to enlarge)