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Non League Football Under The Microscope

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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

Snapshots - Tarifa FC

Estadio Antonio Lopez Pua, Tarifa, Spain
This is a proper Spanish Non League ground, I canít even identify what League Tarifa play in. Tarifa is on the Costa del Luz, between Gibraltar and Cadiz on the Atlantic coast. In England Grimsby is supposed to be the closest ground to the sea (unless there is a non league ground Iíve not visited thatís closer?) but I doubt there are many grounds anywhere in the world in such an idyllic setting as Tarifaís. Two points of note Ė the hundreds of wind farms in the background are not there without reason Ė it is incredibly windy! Secondly, the pitch looked unfit for agriculture, let alone football! NM.