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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

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Clubs in the Index are listed under three categories:

Full Guide
These are all grounds that I have visited myself and, as the name suggests, photographs in this category are accompanied by a detailed description of the ground, plus as much of its history and evolution as possible. Previous grounds for each club are also included (where known), along with in some cases, a brief club history and directions to the ground.

NB. Where there is a Sussex club listed in this section, the link will take you to the appropriate page on my other, Nomad-Online site, which features a full Sussex Non League Club Directory.

For the grounds I have personally visited and photographed, there is usually a brief written description - if I ever find the time, these clubs will be ‘upgraded’ to the Full Guide category.  Most of the photographs however, have been submitted by the many other contributors to the site, and to whom I am very grateful. Because of this, they may not be necessarily be accompanied by any descriptive text.

These are mostly action shots with a difference - in that they convey the general look of the ground when a match is in progress, rather than concentrate on the details of the structures (as in the other two sections). Details of the match, including score and attendence is usually included.

If you have any photographs that you think may be appropriate for the ‘Thumb’ and ‘Snapshot’ sections, please drop me a line. Full size (uncropped) high resolution jpegs are preferred - mobile phone pics & camcorder frameshots may not be good eough quality so please send me a sample first. Also, please feel free to let me know of any errors.