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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

Yaxley FC

Leading Drove, Holme Road, Yaxley, Peterborough PE7 3NA
Telephone: 01733 244928 
Nickname: The Cuckoos
United Counties League

The following posting appeared on the Cuckoos’ official Message Board in May 2004

Yaxley Gets Go-ahead for 1st Phase of 5 Year Development Plan

Hunts District Council has given approval for the 1st phase of a 5 year plan designed to take Yaxley FC into the highest level of non-league football and build the areas foremost grass-roots to semi-professional development scheme. The plan has been submitted and discussed with the Hunts FA, The United Counties League, Hunts District Council and the Yaxley Parish Council to help ensure that our overall objectives considered.

The first phase involves the redevelopment of the clubs existing facilities at Leading Drove, Yaxley including:
Significant improvements and upgrading to existing vehicle access from Holme Road and pedestrian access from Main Street
Construction of a new clubhouse, changing rooms, referees facilities, physio treatment room and toilets
Upgrading of the existing floodlights to modern non-glare units

The access works are planned to commence almost immediately.

The second phase of the plan provides additional pitch facilities and training surfaces, relieving the burden on the existing single pitch. Club Chairman Jeff Lenton said “ Yaxley’s pitch and facilities used to be the best in the area – everybody wanted to play cup finals at Leading Drove. Our aim is to re-establish the facilities to those standards whilst creating new facilities to incorporate Yaxley Juniors, Youth and Senior football for men and women. Of course promotion to the next level of senior football requires appropriate facilities, we are building these as part of the natural progression”.

The whole project will cost around £500,000 which is planned to be funded from a mix of Football Foundation grants and private investment from individuals who share the vision of creating a footballing success story.

“Funding of this nature is critical and we already have a group of local businessmen who have indicated that they are willing to invest. It’s not just about building a new facility – to some extent, that’s the easy part” said Jeff Lenton. “the hard part is creating a commercial entity that can sustain the facility. That needs a business mind so we are looking to achieve the balance between football and commercialism to guarantee the future. Now that we have the planning application secured, we can confidently present our business and funding plans to the membership – showing how we can secure the necessary investment and the roles that our key investors will play in the future of the club.”

Nearly 2 years ago, the club put together a development plan but was stopped dead in its tracks when it was discovered that there was no full planning permission for the existing clubhouse and changing rooms. The very existence of Yaxley FC was threatened and after more than 100 years – we just couldn’t let that happen. The Hunts FA and the Local Football Partnership have been very supportive of our plans – even Sir Brian Mawhinney has written to us offering his best wishes and wanting to get down to Leading Drove and support our efforts.

“ It’s taken us until now to resolve the associated issues but the wait has been worth it. We can now plan for the future and begin the challenges that face our development. We want Yaxley FC to be part of the community and benefit all age groups, whether playing or supporting, Yaxley is going to be the club that people want to be a part of”.

We have a great deal of support from within Yaxley, especially as several youngsters have gone onto professional football after spending their early years with us. This year, a sizeable chunk of money raised from our annual fund raising golf day is going to the Yaxley Health Centre to help buy much needed equipment for the community – we hope that we can do this on a regular basis and help put something back into the community that supports us.

Jeff Lenton