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Non League Football Under The Microscope

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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

The Non League Pyramid - Leagues

As mentioned elsewhere, the Non League Pyramid of the National Game structure is nothing if not complicated. In the National Game structure, the Premiership is Step 1; The Championship is Step 2; and Leagues One and Two, Steps 3 and 4 respectively.

The Football Conference, which is Step 1 of the Non League Pyramid, is therefore Step 5 of the National Pyramid. There, clear as mud isnít it.

Below are links to various Leagues. It is by no means comprehensive and if you know of a League that has a website that is not listed, please let me know. I have separated the big four - namely the Conference, Northern Premier, Southern and Isthmian - from the rest of the pack, which are listed alphabetically.

Further down the page I have made an attempt at listing the various Leagues / Divisions as they currently (as of August 2006) sit within the Non League Pyramid, and you may be surprised that some Leagues - the South Western League for example - arenít higher up the ladder. This listing was taken from the 2006/07 edition of the Sussex County Football League Handbook.

I am sure there are omissions (and maybe even errors) so again, please let me know. Finally, much as it pains me to do so, I have included sponsorsí names here for the simple reason that some leagues - the Ryman & Unibond for example - are better known by those names than by their proper titles! I am in the process of amending League sposnors but if you can fill any gaps, please let me know.

Those seeking even more - and probably more accurate - information are advised to check out the following sites ...

Tony Kempsterís site
An absolutely brilliant labour of love, and an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to find out anything about the Non League Pyramid in England. Essential - what would we do without Tony?

The Pyramid Info
An equally mind-boggling site by Tom Willis, and another invaluable resource. Goes right down to Level 15 (Level 11 of the Non League Pyramid).


Football Conference
Isthmian League
Northern Premier League
Southern League

Welsh Premier League

Anglian Combination Football League
Combined Counties League
Devon County League
Eastern Counties League
Essex & Suffolk Border Football League
Essex Olympian Football League
Kent County League
Kent League
Hellenic League
Midland Football Alliance
Midland Football Combination
Mid Cheshire Football League
Northern Counties East League
Northern League
North Lancashire & District Football League
North West Counties League
Shropshire County Premier Football League
South Western League
Suffolk & Ipswich Football League
Sussex County League
Western League
West Midlands Regional League





Conference National



Conference North
Conference South



Northern Premier League Premier Division
Southern League Premier Division
Isthmian League Premier Division

British Gas Business


Northern Premier League Division One
Southern League Midlands Division
Southern League South & West Division
Isthmian League Division One North
Isthmian League Division One South

British Gas Business
British Gas Business


Northern League Division 1
Northern Counties East Premier Division
North West Counties League Division 1
Midland Football Alliance
United Counties League Premier Division
Hellenic League Premier Division
Eastern Counties League Division 1
Wessex League Premier Division
Western League Premier Division
Spartan South Midlands League Premier Div
Combined Counties League Premier Division
Sussex County League Division 1
Essex Senior League
Kent League


Polymac Services Ltd
Eagle Bitter
Sporta Italia
Cherry Red Records
Badger Ales



Northern League Division 2
Northern Counties East Division 1
North West Counties League Division 2
United Counties League Division 1
Hellenic League Division 1 West
Hellenic League Division 1 East
Eastern Counties League Division 2
Western League Division 1
Wessex League Division 1
Spartan South Midlands League Division 1
Combined Counties League Division 1
Sussex County League Division 2
Midland Combination Premier Division
West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Div

Moore & Co. Solicitors
Eagle Bitter
Sporta Italia
Sporta Italia
Cherry Red Records
Badger Ales


Anglian Combination
Bedford & District League
Brighton & Hove District League
Cambridgeshire County League
Crawley & District League
Central Midlands League
Devon League
Dorset Premier League
East Berkshire League
East Sussex League
Essex Olympian League
Essex & Suffolk Border League
Gloucestershire County League
Hertfordshire Senior County League
Kent County League
Leicestershire Senior League
Liverpool County Premier League
Manchester League
Mid Cheshire League
Mid Sussex League
Middlesex County League
Midland Combination Division 1
North Berkshire League
Northampton Town League
Northamptonshire Combination
Northern Football Alliance
Oxfordshire Senior League
Peterborough & District League
Reading League
Somerset County League
South Western League
Spartan South Midlands League Division 2
Staffordshire County Senior League
Suffolk & Ipswich League
Sussex County League Division 3
Wearside League
Wessex League Division 2
West Cheshire League
West Lancashire League
West Midlands (Regional) League Division 1
West Sussex League
Wiltshire Football League
Worthing & District League

Dolphin Autos


K&P Motoring World

British Energy
Everardís Brewery

Air Miles
Cheshire Building Soc

Cherry Red Records

Wades Associates



Badger Ales

Aegon UK