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Eastbourne Borough fans celebrate - August Bank Holiday Monday 2003                                Photograph by Sam Hicks

Biggleswade Town FC

Fairfield, Fairfield Road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Telephone: 01767 312374
Nickname: The Waders
Spartan South Midlands League

Note Biggleswade Town FC are currently ground-sharing with Bedford United & Valerio FC whilst a new ground in Langford Road is being developed. In the meantime my original comments about Fairfield, written in 2005, together with photographs can be found below.

Note Every now and again one visits a new ground and it’s a real disappointment. Fairfield was definately one of those occasions, although I only have myself to blame for not having done my homework properly.

The Waders were formed as long ago as 1874, and Fairfield has been the Club’s home for more than a century. I was looking forward to seeing the old wooden low-roofed stand (1920s), although I knew that the two converted Anderson shelters that once flanked it had been demolished on safety grounds. Instead, I found that the stand had also bitten the dust having been condemned by the local council in the late 1990s, and been replaced by another example of the now ubiquitous ‘flat-pack’ stands (look at the pictures below and ask yourself which one you prefer!). It is a real tragedy that it couldn’t have been saved although given the Club’s plans to relocate (see below) it’s rather academic in any case.

The overall appearance of the ground, which forms part of a large area devoted to sport - Second Meadow, home of Biggleswade United is literally next door - is of one that is in limbo, right down the ugly plywood boarding that encloses the pitch, presumably to meet grading requirements and separate it from cricket. This however, is not surprising as the Waders plan to move to a new ground in Langford Road in time for the 2006/07 season. This is dependent on approval of a Football Foundation grant but preparatory work is underway. Such a move will at least put Fairfield out of its current misery. DB

Through the hedge on the far side is Biggleswade United FC

The pre-fabricated stand at Fairfield photographed in December 2006. Presumably it won’t be making the journey to the new ground, a fact which one suspects will disappoint few grounds enthusiasts!

Two photographs of what I had hoped to find at Fairfield